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Door-8 takes place in the early 20th century around the 1920’s. What “Door-8” represents is unknown to you.

The world is as you would expect it to be from classic histroy. The U.S and the Allies were successful in the winning of WWI. Europe is rebuilding and tension is still high. The U.S. has emerged as the worlds newest superpower and former European giants have been forced to hand over territories and countries they once ruled as an empire.

In the U.S., where our story begins, prohibition has lead to the rise of organized crime. In the midwest there is a massive gathering of American Indian tribesmen(being referred to as the Great Spirit Call) demanding the U.S. concede reparations for travesties done past. And in throughout the rest of the country the economy is booming.

As a charecter in the campaing you’ve most likely received and invitation to the Saturn club for known or unknown reasons. This is where the story begins.

Main Page

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